Preventing allergic disease before it starts.

Allergic disease (e.g. allergic asthma) is characterized by hypersensitivity—an inappropriate immune response to an allergen—that initiates a cascade of physiological events leading to inflammatory symptoms, such as an asthma attack. How to interrupt or prevent that cascade?

Our systems-based process works like this:

  • First, we collect and analyze longitudinal microbiome data from infants to identify the communities of microbes that promote health during infancy.
  • Second, we validate the beneficial immunomodulatory capacity of these microbial communities.
  • Third, we isolate and characterize the critical keystone species within these protective microbial communities.

We then develop live microbial therapeutics from naturally occurring bacteria to supplement the gut. These provide multiple protective bacterial strains essential for the immune system. They function by interrupting the cascade of asthma symptoms, both treating asthma and preventing it before it starts.

Currently, our therapeutics are designed to be consumed orally and can be added to breast milk or formula for infants.

Asthma is just the beginning.

At Siolta Therapeutics we’re leveraging our knowledge of the developing gut microbiome and its role in promoting immune tolerance to develop microbial therapeutics for prevention and treatment, starting with allergic asthma. Next up, microbial therapeutics for additional allergic conditions before we focus on other chronic inflammatory diseases.

We have completed our pre-clinical proof of concept studies, and developed the necessary manufacturing protocols and capacity for our lead products.

Clinical trials are now underway.

Clinical trial