Siolta’s Precision Symbiotics Platform enables rapid LBP development

1. Knowledge Discovery from Clinical Data

Clinical/epidemiology data mining and machine learning leveraged to prioritize therapeutic candidates

2. Biobank Screening & Strain Characterization

Expanding and characterizing targeted biobank of drug substance organisms enables rapid development of novel biotherapeutics.

3. Preclinical Optimization of Symbiotic Formulations

In-house translational studies support the evaluation of synergistic functionality and Mechanism of Action (MoA)

4. GMP Manufacturing Capabilities

Internal early manufacturing allows for rapid optimization and advancement of programs into the clinic; redundant late-stage/ scalable manufacturing established with strategic partners.

5. Rapid to FIH Clinical Trials > Pharm Market

Rapid into First-in-human (FIH) studies to validate POC (PK/PD and MOA) and de-risk larger follow-on studies

6. Laboratory Diagnostics

Strategic Dx development partnerships will enable identification of targeted population

A proprietary platform building a healthier world for future generations

Siolta’s proprietary patient-centric platform leverages our targeted biobank of isolates, ex-vivo screening assays, clinical data, machine learning, and manufacturing capabilities to rationally design microbiome-based therapeutics for preclinical optimization. Multi-strain clinical candidates are manufactured in-house under GMP conditions, allowing programs to rapidly move into human proof-of-concept studies. Given our track record with the FDA, resulting in a fast-track designation for our lead program STMC-103H, Siolta will leverage this experience to bypass GLP-toxicology studies, as typically required by small molecule programs, to move straight into clinical development within 18-24 months for ideation. This unique approach can save up to 2 years of development time and cost.


A platform with endless opportunities.

We will use our Precision Symbiotics Platform to develop novel live biotherapeutic products for the prevention and treatment of diseases of high unmet medical need.

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