Developing live biotherapeutics to prevent and treat diseases of high unmet medical need

We leverage our deep knowledge of the human microbiome and its regulatory and developmental functions to develop live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) and diagnostics for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Our research and development focus on diseases in the “maternal-infant axis”, including atopic diseases, women’s health, and rare pediatric indications, with limited treatment options.



From Irish origins, Siolta is a Gaelic word for “seeds.” Our microbial therapeutics are reseeding the depleted gut microbiome with naturally occurring bacteria, essential for a healthy immune system.

At the frontier of modern medicine

Siolta’s holistic, microbiome-based strategy represents a new frontier in the pursuit of tailored, clinically differentiated microbial therapeutics.

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Our proprietary patient-centric Precision Symbiotics Platform™ leverages our targeted biobank of isolates, ex-vivo screening assays, clinical data, machine learning, and manufacturing capabilities to rationally design microbiome-based therapeutics. This comprehensive approach allows for the development of multifaceted programs, integrating ecosystem approaches and precision medicine concepts to advance the future of medicine. Our Precision Symbiotics Platform™ has enabled us to advance multiple programs from discovery to preclinical and clinical development stages. Our multi-strain lead program, STMC-103H is currently in phase 1b/2 development for the prevention of

atopic diseases including atopic dermatitis, food allergy, and asthma in the US and Australia. We have successfully manufactured and scaled up STMC-103H, completed a First-In-Human safety clinical trial in children and adults, and received Fast Track Designation for this novel approach for the prevention of Atopic Diseases. Siolta was also awarded a $2.7M NIH grant to further optimize its large-scale proprietary LBP manufacturing methods. We plan to file multiple new INDs in the next 18-24 months, including an IND to expand the use of STMC-103H for the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis, as well as new INDs in the areas of women’s health and rare pediatric diseases.

Our Mission

To develop microbiome-based therapeutics and diagnostics aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases of high unmet medical need.

Susan Lynch (the University of California at San Francisco, or UCSF) and Nikole Kimes (Siolta, formerly UCSF) co-founded Siolta Therapeutics in partnership with Samir Kaul (Khosla Ventures) in 2016. Our combined expertise in the formation of successful venture-backed start-up companies, the strong scientific background of our team, our know-how and expertise in the microbiome space, and therapeutics development have allowed Siolta to advance multiple novel consortia of live biotherapeutics products into preclinical and clinical-stage development.

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