The future of medicine is in the microbiome

Siolta’s live biotherapeutics products are designed from naturally occurring bacteria to reestablish a healthy microbiome with the power to prevent and treat diseases.

Siolta Therapeutics has leveraged human infant gut and vaginal microbiome and clinical data to understand microbial networks that promote healthy gut and vaginal microbiome development. Our science focuses on decoding these interactions and identifying the specific microbes that promote appropriate microbiome development to prevent immune dysfunction and promote healthy development. As a result, our unique Precision Symbiotics Platform™ allows us to develop and test novel live biotherapeutics to prevent and treat diseases.

The human body harbors a complex ecosystem of interconnected microbial life forms collectively referred to as the Human Microbiome. This ecosystem develops rapidly in early life, and the genetic information it encodes confers functional properties important for human health. In humans, the largest accumulation of microbes resides in the gut, where they interact with an array of human immune cells. Microbes are also present in every organ in the human body including the skin, urogenital tract, lungs, and mouth, where they promote health or can cause the onset of diseases (dysbiosis). Siolta’s science focuses on designing consortia of microbes that promote microbiome development in early life and adult women to prevent immune dysfunction and/or the onset or recurrence of infections.