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Siolta’s Process:
A Human First Strategy

Predicting the success of new therapeutics based on animal models is difficult at best, thus we have built a human-centric development platform that starts and ends with human data from clinical trials.

Our team has developed a multi-phase approach for pursuing precision medicine.

Building on decades of microbiome research experience and our growing understanding of the gut microbiome, we have developed a systems-based platform that delivers patient screening for high-risk candidates, targeted microbial therapeutics, and biomarker discovery for responder/non-responder analytics.

Step 1
Patient Identification
Who is at Highest Risk?
Steps 2-4
Rationally-Designed Consortium
Targeted Microbial Therapeutics
Step 5
Patient Stratification
Who Responds to Treatment?

1. Human Data Analyses

Our process begins with analysis of clinical data to identify key characteristics differentiating healthy and diseased populations.

2. Targeted Microbial Intervention

Using these data, we rationally design mixed species microbial therapeutics to treat and prevent disease.

3. Preclinical Optimization

We test our microbial therapeutics in preclinical models to ensire safety, optimize efficacy, and understand mode of action.

4. Manufacturing + Production

We develop chemistry, manufacturing, and controls, for cGMP manufacturing of lead candidates for human application.

5. Human Clinical Trials

Lead Candidates are evaluated for safety and efficacy in clinical trials.

A platform with endless opportunity.

Infants who develop allergy and asthma in childhood harbor a distinct gut microbiome depleted of beneficial bacteria. It is the eradication and treatment of asthma that forms the initial focus of the Siolta mission. We will use this platform to tackle additional allergic conditions before moving on to other inflammatory diseases.